Bourbon Hunting Adventures: Uncovering Hidden Gems

Bourbon Hunting Adventures: Uncovering Hidden Gems


In the world of bourbon hunting, there are certain stores and locations known as “honey holes.” These hidden gems are where bourbon enthusiasts can find rare and special bottles that are highly sought after. The excitement of potentially discovering one of these special finds is what keeps people coming back for more.

Welcome to the blog, where the author takes you on their bourbon hunting adventures. In a previous episode of Rocky Mountain Sav, they scored a bottle of Weller foolproof, which only fueled their enthusiasm for finding more hidden treasures.

Setting the tone for this bourbon hunting adventure, the author shares their anticipation and eagerness to explore potential honey holes in their area. They are hoping to uncover something truly extraordinary and share their discoveries with the readers.

First Stop: Liquor Store 1

Disappointment filled the air as the author arrived at their first stop, only to find the store closed. The anticipation for potential hidden gems quickly turned into frustration. However, undeterred, they decided to head to another location in search of their bourbon treasures.

Teasing the readers with the upcoming finds, the author couldn’t help but imagine the bottles they might uncover at the next store. The prospect of stumbling upon something truly extraordinary fueled their excitement. The hunt was far from over.

But among all the possibilities, there was one bottle that the author couldn’t get off their mind—the allocated case. They eagerly awaited the chance to explore what awaited them inside. The anticipation was palpable as they set off for their next bourbon hunting adventure.

Second Stop: Coveted Honey Hole

After the disappointment of the first liquor store being closed, the author’s spirits were lifted as they arrived at their second stop – a coveted honey hole. This hidden gem was known for its selection of rare and special bottles, making it a must-visit for bourbon enthusiasts.

As the author perused the shelves, they were delighted to find a variety of bourbon options. From Bookers 120 to Joseph Magnus, the store had something for every palate. The pricing was also reasonable, with bottles ranging from $39 to $96.

However, the real excitement came when the author stumbled upon a bottle of Weller Special Reserve. This highly sought-after bourbon was a rare find, especially at a price point between $30 and $40. Without hesitation, the author decided to add it to their collection, knowing they couldn’t pass up such a great deal.

While the Weller Special Reserve was the highlight of the visit, the author couldn’t help but notice other intriguing bottles on the shelves. From Benchmark to French OED #46, there were plenty of options to explore in the future.

The author emphasized the importance of not passing up good deals. Even if a bottle wasn’t on their immediate radar, they understood the value of adding it to their collection when the price was right. Their experience at this honey hole served as a reminder to always keep an eye out for hidden gems.

Third Stop: Ranch Liquor

As the author arrived at Ranch Liquor, they immediately felt a positive and welcoming atmosphere. The flickering sign and the late-night hours added to the mysterious allure of the store. They were eager to see what treasures awaited them inside.

The author’s observations about the store were quite favorable. They noticed a range of bourbon options, including Blanton’s and Eagle Rare. However, they also noticed that the prices were noticeably higher compared to their previous stops. Buffalo Trace, which normally retails for around $50, was marked up to $70.

The author couldn’t help but analyze the prices and market trends. They acknowledged that the bourbon market has seen significant price increases recently. This realization made them appreciate the good deals they had already scored earlier in their bourbon hunting adventure.

Undeterred by the higher prices, the author attempted to negotiate for a bottle of Eagle Rare. They asked the store owner if he would consider selling it for $50 instead of the listed price of $70. Unfortunately, the store owner refused to budge on the price.

Reflecting on the experience, the author noted that it never hurts to ask for a discount. They expressed their disappointment with the store owner’s unwillingness to negotiate and emphasized the importance of finding sellers who are willing to work with bourbon enthusiasts.

Despite the unsuccessful negotiation, the author evaluated their overall experience at Ranch Liquor. They appreciated the positive atmosphere and the variety of bourbon options available. However, they concluded that the higher prices and the store owner’s unwillingness to negotiate made it a less desirable honey hole compared to their previous stops.

Fourth Stop: New Discovery

As the bourbon hunting adventure continued, the author stumbled upon a previously unknown store that piqued their curiosity. The prospect of uncovering unique finds excited them, and they couldn’t wait to explore the store further.

Inside, the author was greeted by friendly store personnel who were eager to assist. They struck up a conversation and learned more about the store’s offerings. In addition to bourbon, the store also sold a variety of other spirits and liquors.

The author’s attention was immediately drawn to a bottle of Eagle Rare, one of their favorite bourbons. However, the listed price was higher than what they were willing to pay. Not one to shy away from negotiation, the author approached a store employee and asked if they would consider selling it for a discounted price.

After a brief conversation with their boss, the store employee agreed to sell the bottle for $50, a $20 discount from the listed price. The author was thrilled with their successful negotiation and thanked the store employee for their willingness to work with them.

Grateful for their purchase, the author left the store with a sense of accomplishment. They reflected on their experience, appreciating the excitement of discovering a new store and the possibility of finding hidden gems. The discounted purchase of Eagle Rare added to their satisfaction, knowing they had secured a unique bottle for their collection.

Summary and Recommendations

To recap the bourbon hunting adventures, the author acquired three bottles: Weller Special Reserve, Four Roses Single Barrel, and Eagle Rare 10. Each bottle offers unique qualities and flavor profiles that make them desirable additions to any bourbon collection.

The Weller Special Reserve, purchased for $40, was a great find considering its rarity. It offers a smooth and flavorful experience that is worth the investment. The Four Roses Single Barrel, priced at $50, is highly recommended for those who enjoy neat drinking. Its smoothness and rich flavor make it a standout choice.

However, the author’s personal preference lies with the Eagle Rare 10. Despite the higher price of $50, the author believes it is worth every penny. Its elusive nature and exceptional taste make it a prized bottle to have in any collection.

While there may be potential controversy regarding the prices and market trends, it is important to remember that the bourbon market is constantly evolving. Prices may fluctuate, and it is up to the individual to decide what they are willing to pay for a bottle.

The author encourages viewers to go out and explore their own honey holes, as hidden gems can be found in unexpected places. It is essential to keep an open mind and be willing to try new bottles, even if they are not on the immediate radar.

In closing, the author expresses gratitude for watching and hopes that viewers have found the bourbon hunting adventures informative and enjoyable. Cheers to uncovering hidden gems and discovering new flavors!


What are honey holes?

Honey holes are stores or locations known for their selection of rare and special bourbon bottles. Bourbon enthusiasts often visit these honey holes in search of hidden gems and unique finds.

How important is pricing when bourbon hunting?

Pricing is a crucial factor when bourbon hunting. It’s essential to consider the value and rarity of the bottle compared to its price. Good deals can be found at honey holes, where bottles are often reasonably priced.

What makes Weller Special Reserve a great buy?

Weller Special Reserve is highly sought after because of its rarity and quality. It offers a smooth and flavorful experience that is worth the investment. Finding it for a price range between $30 and $40 makes it an excellent buy.

Is Eagle Rare worth the price?

Eagle Rare is considered a prized bottle by many bourbon enthusiasts. While its listed price may vary, finding it for $50 or less is generally seen as a good deal. Its exceptional taste and elusive nature make it worth the investment.

Why do some stores refuse to negotiate?

Some stores may refuse to negotiate due to their pricing strategy or market demand. It’s important to respect their decision and consider exploring other stores that are more willing to work with bourbon enthusiasts. Remember, it never hurts to ask for a discount.

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